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July 20, 2007

Two Anglican parishes offer same-sex ceremonies; Bishops discuss fallout from same-sex vote at General Synod

Anglican Bishop Michael Ingham on blessing same-sex unions


GS07 +2

June 27, 2007


ONE HAND CLAPPING: “From this week’s United Church of the Zeitgeist General Synod” … (

KRAALSPACE— Winnipeg synod windup; Oh, and one last thing(

MAGISTATS— Michael Ingham hits a new low; comments(magicstatistics)

FELIX HOMINUM: Ingham, homophobia & the apostles’ fellowship; If bishops are not core doctrine … (

WASHINGTON: Canadian gay marriage vote blow to US Anglicans … (virtueonline)

JOHN OAKES: Back to Basics … (

CHRISTIAN TODAY: Mixed Emotions Greet Canadian Anglicans Same-Sex Motion Defeat … (christiantoday)

DRELL: Diocese of New Westminster To Continue To Bless Same Sex Unions Despite Decision of Synod

Officially Speaking

DIO NEW WESTMINSTERBishop says diocese will study General Synod decisionsGeneral Synod turns down blessing by narrow margin

26 Jun – Monday Synod on Demand
26 Jun – CoGS membership 2007-2010 (PDF format)
26 Jun – Corrected: General Synod Highlights – June 25 (PDF format)

GS07 +1

June 26, 2007

Epitaph, Anglican Church of Canada,

died slow and messily, 2007:

Bishop Fred Hiltz, the national church’s newly elected primate, officially took up his office Monday. He suggested that the New Westminster diocese be allowed to continue in spite of Sunday’s vote.


RESPONSIOEssentials Network Statement

MAGISTATSPrimates likely to criticise Canada’s ambiguity on same-sex blessings

ESSENTIALS BLOGGER: General Synod afternoon session 25/6/07 — Post General Synod 2007 thoughts

SQUAT, COMMA, LESS THAN— “So what do the apparently contradictory Anglican Church of Canada General Synod same-sex votes mean anyway? According to incoming Primate Fred Hiltz, not much of anything at all”

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Day Seven – News 7.1 .. sigh

June 25, 2007

Watch General Synod live

ESSENTIALS BLOGGER: General Synod morning session 25/6/07

FELIX HOMINUM– New West Resolution withdrawn

MEDIA: Timeline of the Anglican Church same-sex debateAnglicans move closer to blessing same sex unions

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Day Seven – News 7.0

June 25, 2007

Online Dating

FRESH WHINGING from the CaNN News Editor– CaNN Commentary: “They Have A Point”

Reverend Andrew Hutchison (right), Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, addresses delegates at the Canadian Anglican Church General Synod in Winnipeg on June 23, 2007. (CP / John Woods)

CaNN Commentary Passing Fragments of Thought


While +Andy Hutchinson doesn’t get his legacy prize, dumping a deeply divided church into the lap of Primate-Elect Fred Hiltz, let’s remember some things. Read the rest of this entry »

Day Six – News 6.1

June 24, 2007

MAGIC STATISTICS: SSBs consistent with doctrine, but not allowed anyway

MCJ BLOGGER— “LEMMINGS:The Anglican Church of Canada starts over the cliff”

STAND FIRM: Authorization for Same-Sex Blessings Fails in Canadian Synod; Anglican Church of Canada Declares SSB ‘Not in Confict’ with Core Doctrine

ESSENTIALS BLOGGER: General Synod afternoon session 24/6/07; A house divided against itself

FEDERATION: General Synod Update: June 23, 2007

Media: Anglican bishops shoot down same-sex marriage blessings; Anglicans vote no on blessing same-sex unions

Officially Speaking

Anglican Journal: Synod narrowly defeats same-sex blessings

Day Six – News 6.0

June 24, 2007

hob: 19 / 21 vs.
clergy 63 / 53 vs.
lay 78 / 59 vs.


The webcast will return Sunday afternoon at 2:00pm CDT.

NOW FORMER ANGLICAN Professor Douglas Farrow saw the writing on the wall after the 2004 General Synod; more here

COVERAGE— ENS tootles the trumpet: Same-gender blessings consistent with core doctrine, Canadian Church agrees — Church takes first steps to blessing same-sex unions; Anglican Church moves closer to blessing same sex unions… as one observer notes, “Now New Westminster can argue that what they are already doing isn’t wrong”

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