Pre-Synod News

May 31nth, 2007

BOOKMARK THIS– AEC General Synod Liveblog … (theagetocome)

PRAY THIS– the Monks & Nuns at L&B are praying for the Canadian General Synod, soon to convene (L&B)

UPCOMING: Atlantic Theological Conference … (merecomments)

CANADA: Orthodox Anglican Theologians Weigh in on ACC Sexual Ethics Resolutions. New Westminster Bishop Michael Ingham Singled Out … (

RESPONSE to the “Statement from the House of Bishops to the Members of General Synod,” May 2007 … (

THE RIGHT REV’D Michael Ingham, bishop of the Greater Vancouver Diocese of New Westminster, is on the rampage again, wading anew into the ongoing controversy of sexual ethics in the Anglican Church of Canada… (interim)

SO THERE, INGHAM-HATERS! All Anglican Church of Canada bishops invited to Lambeth Conference … (

AGE TO COME: “In reality, the struggle over the Bible passages on homosexuality should really point us to a much deeper problem of the theological naturalism and universalism that currently infects our church. This is our struggle, and it is not against flesh and blood, but against ideologies, against rulers, principalities and powers” … (theagetocome)

PUNY MORTALS! New West Bishop says colleagues should have kept open mind on blessings … (

BUSY RADICALS– New West Petitions Archbishop of Canterbury over Gene Robinson; Diocesan Synod affirms House of Bishops’ stand against discrimination … (

CANUCKISTANI Center To Offer Same Sex Blessings … (standfirminfaith)

KRAALSPACE: “O Falwell! Where is thy sting?” … (

BOVINA BLOVIATOR: The Theology of Katharine Jefferts Schori … (

NO ROOM for dissent in U.K.’s ‘Equality Act’ … (theinterim)

PROGRESSIVE Conservative Party encourages gay lifestyle … (p2bc)

SOUNDS LIKE HARDCORE FUNTIMES– GS2007: In Plenary – The integration of mission and ecojustice. And “Voices of our Church” … (

THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS– Bar bans heteros, lesbos … (shotgun)

CRANKY PROF– Medicine vs the politics of homosex. … (Bearblog)

NEW BRUNSWICK conscience bill defeated … (theinterim)


Wednesday May 30th 2007


R.S.V.P.– F.Y.I.

CaNN Commentary

Amidst the kerfuffle over the invitees to Custer’s Last Stand Lambeth 2008 (Robinson? Minns? Cavilcanti? Lyons?) most commentators have missed one name on the invitee list: Michael Ingham, Bishop of New Westminster.

Since the mid-1990’s, this post-liberal golden-boy of then-Primate Michael Peers has been busy with the many-tentacled gnostical revolution. Make no mistake: over 13 years and more, Ingham has become very powerful and influential in the Canadian Church, and elsewhere.

And he’s headed for Lambeth tea & crumpets.

‘Tis Good To Be King

Like his brother-in-harms Jack Spong, Ingham remains uncensured or punished by his own national church, having had the protection of the past and present primate, and a number of his fellow Canadian bishops– and this despite the smoking pastoral disaster that he created in New Westminster, punishing errant clergy, importing homosexual & liberal clergy, and conducting theological ethnic cleansing of a large part of the flock he promised to lead and protect as a bishop and father in God.

But Ingham’s guiding god doesn’t seem to be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. Rather, his pantheon includes diversity, tolerance, interfaith gnostical religion, justice, Jesus the wise-man, episcopal power, the rightness of Michael Ingham, and other bloodthirsty spiritual powers of this present age.

Ing Got Game

You have to hand it to him– or else. He’s perfected and taught others such delightful Anglican games as Reconcliation Without End; Clergy Hunter; Eat the Weak and/ or Orthodox Parish; Duck-N-Dodge; Same-Sex Blessings Weddings; Play The Media; Dialogue My Way Or Else; Bluff the Bishops; Beat the Sheeps; and, of course, Anything But The Gospel.

Here at CaNN, we’ve led the way in exposing the agenda, works, and details of this Macchiavellian prince of the Canadian Church, Michael Ingham. For a number of years, we had it on reliable word that the Episcopal Office in New Westminster was even tuned into this station. Watching us watching him.

Though Ingham kept below the radar for the past couple of years, the prior record is out there, via our archives, and the wonders of the interwebs. MCJ-Blogger Chris Johnson has been especially vigilant; and formerly Anglican commentator Gerry Hunter performed an invaluable service to his fellow Anglicans and the wider communion by letting people know what was happening on the Western Front in these Anglican wars in his ‘View From The Pew‘ series. Magic Statistics blog and the new Anglican Planet have also kept us on top of Canadian Anglicanism and the Ingham thing in recent months.

This Is Really Gonna Hurt

Because, dear friends, if you thought the Anglican thing was messy now, just stay tuned. Nobody ever said our mini-Armageddon had to be fast, or pleasant.

CaNN News Editor

> New West Petitions Archbishop of Canterbury over Gene Robinson> New West Bishop says colleagues should have kept open mind on blessingsSHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!! THEY EXPLAINED— From Integrity Canada: Gay Anglicans rebuff Bishops’ proposal for “pastoral care” and more study… (T19)

EAT THE WEAK! New Westminster Task Force on Cannibalizing Parishes Physical Resources submits final report. Their Synod is also coming up, but their convening circular has a lot of blank pages where the interesting stuff is supposed to be … (

UGLY REALITY— Trial begins for ex-minister facing 56 sex charges for same-sex abuse … (

Sunday May 06th 2007

CANADA’S ANGLICAN BISHOPS Allow Everything But Nuptial Blessing for Gays. Canada: HoB statement on same-sex blessings.. comments ensue. Church Times: Pray with, but don’t bless, gay couples, say Canadians. Comment on the recent pastoral statement from the Anglican Church of Canada’s HOB. BTW, the CanAng motto is ‘Nisi Dominus‘, as in Psalm 127:1, “Nisi Dominus aedificaverit domum in vanum laboraverunt qui aedificant eam (Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it).” Indeed … (Transfig, TA, SF, CT)

CANADA: Primate reflects on bishops’ meeting … (ENS)

A COMMENT on the Statement of the Canadian House of Bishops; Canadian bishops back away from gay blessings … (T19, religiousintelligence)

ESSENTIALS CANADA: “The Anglican Church of Canada is at the crossroad. There is a very clear choice before this June’s General Synod. What will we choose?” The Federation’s planning for General Synod 2007 is nearing completion … (anglicanessentials)

OFFICIAL Groups issue cautions on same-sex resolutions … (anglicanjournal)


VIA KRAALSPACE– Braxton’s Lear – Argumentum ad nazium … (

CANADIAN ANGLICAN BLOGGER Felix Hominum is in the Holy Land right now … (

THE ANGLICAN PHILOSOPHER & Stargate SG-1 … (anglicanphilosopher)

Sunday April 29th 2007

AGE TO COME– “Prayers please…. Just to let you know, there is plenty going on with the Essentials comms effort for General Synod this year” … (theagetocome)

NEW WESTMINSTER of Ingham– Material for Diocesan Synod available for download … (

‘OPEN-MINDED’ = BRAIN FALLS OUT: United Church of Canada urges end to boycott of Palestine … (ekklesia)


Thursday April 26th 2007


TOM ANTHONY REVIEWS Hugh McCullum’s Radical Compassion: The Life and Times of Archbishop Ted Scott, Toronto. Your “Red Ted” Factoid Of The Day: “radical former-Primate Ted Scott was in on the bending of the federal Canadian laws of consaguinuity”, allowing for the extremely anti-Biblical creepy cousin-love canon of Canadian Anglicanism. We’ve done some research for you into the GenSyn-04 Minutes, via the official GS-04 site(t19, GSo4, BInky of Evil)

FURTHER FIREWORKS ENSUE— Canadian House of Bishops – Message to the Church. Small Canadian House of Bishops group portrait (with +++Rowan) … (

TRANSCRIPT– “A Matter of Doctrine… Chair of the Primate’s Theological Commission Addresses theQu’Appelle Diocese Synod” +Victoria is also one of the candidates for Canadian Primate… (e-mail)

LIBERAL ANGLICANISTAN: “The past three years in our financial life have been both challenging™ and exciting™” … (storiesoffaith)

LOOKING BACK– The Official Minutes of Canadian General Synod 2004 … (


HURON BISHOP in race for Anglican primate … (

AGE TO COME– “If anybody doubted what we are struggling against, the following quote from Canadian Archbishop Ted Scott should prove illuminating”; AND ON PERSECUTION– “$5000 Fine Sought For Christian Marriage Commissioner Who Declined Gay Couple”; and “The spirit of the age” … (agetocome)

HAIRY EYEBALL– I love being an Anglican… “Or, The Rumours of the Death of my Church have been Greatly Exaggerated” … (hairyeyeball)

Friday April 20th 2007

A-A-AND THEY’RE OFF! The horses candidates for the Canadian Primate election 2007. Yessiree, crowding to the front of the line to head up the fastest-shrinking Canadian religious group … (

LIFEBOATS ON THE TITANIC: “Bishops prepare pastoral care plan for General Synod”… (anglicanjournal)

CHRISTIAN WEEK: Canadian Anglicans could move apart this June … (Via E-mail)

ROWAN WILLIAMS– Canadian trip: press coverage … (thinkinganglicans)

ALMOST THERE: “My day with the Archbishop of Canterbury ” … (

ROWAN WILLIAMS Speaks in Canada on Communion, Covenant … (freerep)

CANADIAN BILL C-38 film prompts deeper thinking on marriage … (cw)




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